Our goals are designed to be age and developmentally appropriate to optimize the preschoolers learning experience.
  • To provide a safe, nurturing child-centered environment for all children, including those who may have special needs.
  • To play and create a program based on the developmental milestones in a young child's life, using a appropriate lessons and activities to foster his or her developmental growth.
  • To provide a program that will nurture confidence, learning, and caring.
  • To show children and their families how special they are to us and God each day.

Welcome to St. Philip Neri's Preschool Program in Fort Mill, SC. We believe that each child is unique and is a special gift from God. They each have special talents and gifts, which they will share with one another, and learn from one another. We will help each child to discover and explore the world around him or her through a developmental, hands- on approach to learning.

Communication is very important to us. We want you to feel free to visit us at any time. We welcome parents to become actively involved in your child education. when You are involved, everyone benefits.

Our curriculum is designed to encourage growth and learning across several developmental area's.
  • Spiritual Growth- Learning to love God and knowing that we are all part of God's family.
  • Cognitive Development- Problem solving, hands-on learning about their world.
  • Social Skill- Learning to share, play with others, and develop kindness and compassion.
  • Speech and Language- Providing opportunities for growth through story telling, music, and dramatic play.
  • Self-Help Skills- Gaining independence by practicing toileting, feeding, and dressing.
  • Gross Motor Skill- Opportunities in play to move: crawl, climb, walk, and run.
  • Fine Motor Skills- Learning to use two hands together and learning to manipulate toys and materials in play.